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What’s behind your debt? The Hidden Cost of Money Loss

As a healer, I’ve always been interested in the energy of money. We spend so much of our lives earning it or managing it that it often can shape the very experience of our everyday life.

And yet, it is crucial to remember that money does not exist.

It is purely a social creation, a figment of our imagination that we have integrated into our systemic agreements.

Hence, money resembles the thinking that creates it.

In the same way that a child will physically look like both its parents, money takes on the characteristics of the society that creates it AS WELL as the energetic imprint from our own personal beliefs and life experiences.

It is important to highlight that your energy is not the only one that shapes money, that it already lives inside of a knowing field that shapes it (aka capitalism, financial gender inequality, etc). It would be disempowering to think that all your money woes come from your own limiting beliefs.

They don’t.

But you ARE powerful enough to shift your money experience in a way that makes your own personal reality unrecognizable.

How? by healing the energetic dynamics around it. Let’s take debt as an example: If your debt was created as a survival mechanism rather than an investment, then likely you carry a level of guilt about it.

Maybe your business went under, or the student-loan didn’t result in a high-paying job, maybe there were medical expenses to cover…in conclusion, something unexpected (likely painful) took place and you needed help to overcome it.

It is this last factor that can, sometimes, bring a retaliation from our subconsious mind… bringing in thoughts such as “I should have seen it coming”, “I should have been a better saver”, “someone else would have handled it better”.

These thoughts are the ones that will, from then on, shape our financial reality. If I believe I am not a good saver, I will create a reality where money doesn’t make it into my savings.

If I should have anticipated the event, I might covertly punish myself with long hours, low pay or too many financial obligations.

If I believe someone else would have averted this experience I might continuously relinquish my financial power in an attempt to create safety around me.

… and these beliefs can carry on even after we have settled our financial debt.

It is by engaging with these beliefs and our history of financial trauma that we can take steps towards a future that is distinct from our past experiences.

This is where Flower Essences and Family Constellations really shine.

The energetic medicine of the Flower Essences can bring peace to the hidden hurt, loss, and confusion generated by those events, and Family Constellations can shed light upon and shift any resulting beliefs, even if those beliefs originated from events that happened before our lifetime, carried over from our ancestral line.

It’s as we shift these beliefs that we become free to enjoy a life of plentiful, of healthy financial flow.

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