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How to Vanish Decision-Making Anxiety

Have you ever felt torn for weeks? Things might be okay, but your mind just won’t stop.

You have multiple decisions to make and you’re feeling pulled thin.

Because it feels so hectic in your mind, you end up distracting yourself only to feel guilty and anxious when the day comes to a close and you still haven't made up your mind.

This was my normal state for years. As a highly sensitive person, prone to anxiety, and a recovering perfectionist, perennial decision fatigue was a tension I learned to live with.

Even though I wanted to make a great decision every time, it was exhausting to go through this. I ended up winging it and calling it ‘going with my gut’ even when I knew that deep down I wasn’t feeling the calmness of true intuition.

I was actually trapped in the patterns of an anxious brain.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone!

My mind still gets caught up in decision overwhelm, but these days I’m almost amused by my anxiety. I can feel the thoughts swirling in my head, the energy they’re taking from me, and underneath it all I can still sense a calmness.

Recently I had a big decision to make, but this time, I wasn’t waiting out of analysis-paralysis. I was intentionally waiting for a break I had scheduled so I could rest, center and use my decision-making process.

When I had that break, It took about 30 minutes to make all my decisions.

And it honestly felt refreshing, just as I knew it would.

I want to share these same tools with you, to empower you to make decisions on your journey.

I’m opening the doors to a small group, to teach this technique for the first time and would love to welcome you into this workshop. In the years to come the group will grow in size, so if you would like some one-on-one time with me as you practice, this is the best chance.

This workshop is meant for those of you who know there are decisions we simply cannot make through analysis alone.

  • How do I know if my hesitation to make a change is realistic or just fear-based?

  • How do I know I’ll still like this career in five years?

  • Should I be prioritizing my financial resources right now? Or focus on rest and flexibility?

We might make pro/con lists or try to logic our way to the answers, but there will always be unknowns we can’t factor in. And because we can’t know all the answers, we delay the decisions.

Unfortunately, this triggers anxiety that makes our thoughts even less focused, and the clarity we need retreats further away.

In the years I’ve worked with my intuition I found a way to break this cycle. I’m able to make decisions with velocity, while still feeling authentic and realistic.

I’ve learned the language of my intuition so it points out the blindspots in my decision-making.

This approach is flexible, and I can apply it in times when I’m not even sure what my options should be, as well as times when I’m deciding between path A versus B.

All decisions come with uncertainty, yet this process leaves me feeling at peace even when the path ahead becomes challenging.

I’m more resilient and trusting because I know my decision wasn’t based on ego.

When I’ve used this with my coaching clients, I am always so inspired by what they share with me:

  • What came up in this process made so much sense!

  • Looking back, no wonder my intuition advised me to take the other job.

  • I’ve never felt so confident about a decision, usually I’m so anxious

I would love nothing more than to share these tools with you, because I know what a difference they make in every aspect of your life and work.

By joining this experience now, you’ll have access to more of my individual support since I’m keeping the group extra-small this time around.

If this sparks excitement about what’s possible for you, the details and registration are here.

Much Love and hope to see you there,


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