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When doubt strenghtens Intuition

Have you ever had an experience of deep insight, a moment when the path ahead seems clear, and you know exactly what you’re meant to do? It’s a golden moment.

You can feel the oneness in the universe and know you’re walking your true path. You’re aware of how much your choice matters.

This awareness strengthens you and fills you with peace and confidence. Which is why it’s so perplexing and confusing that these moments don’t last. Despite our clarity, we may immediately become deflated. You have your light bulb moment followed by a knee-jerk thought like ‘What was I thinking? That would never work!’ Sometimes it’s a few weeks or even months down the line, as we go about the work of bringing that flash of insight into reality. With each step, we realize more decisions need to be made, and now we feel stuck with a half-finished sketch of our original idea. Even when everything goes well, and our original clarity carries us across the finish line, you may still suffer from the energy of self-doubt. As the celebration from your success wears off, uncertainty returns with a new thought or feeling of ‘OK, that was great but…now what?’ It might feel like your intuition fell short. Did I not hear all the instructions? Am I just not intuitive enough? It may come in different ways for you, but underneath it all is the unspoken thought ‘If I had done it right, I wouldn’t be struggling right now.’

But intuition is not an antidote to uncertainty, any more than stars can erase darkness.

Darkness IS the defining characteristic of nighttime. Stars don’t change the nature of night. They work with and enhance it. They are in harmony with it. The stars give us visibility, allowing us to orient ourselves, and it's through their soft light that we discover that even in darkness there is beauty. It works the same way with your intuition. Life is uncertain. Uncertainty is not a fluke. Nor is it a sign that you made a mistake. Uncertainty is an essential element of life. And since Intuition works in harmony with Life, how could it aim to erase uncertainty? And why would it?

Uncertainty is the root of courage.

In fact, we admire courage in others because we know they made an effort without being guaranteed a result. They were generous with their time, money or energy without knowing whether it would make a difference. Seeing things from this perspective, we can even say that without uncertainty, something vitally important about the human experience is lost. As challenging as it may feel in the moment, I’m grateful life doesn't come with guarantees. I’m grateful for the courage and kindness it reveals. However, this also means I want the decisions I make in the face of this uncertainty to carry a certain weight and intention. . This is where Intuitive Decision-Making comes into the picture. By harnessing my intuition, I become aware of my personal truth, and this puts me in touch with my courage. Standing in that space, I have what I need to take action.

Intuitive decision-making keeps us responsible and owning our choices We own our path, our journey. It keeps us grounded and in our adult selves.

When we know that success is not guaranteed, we step into love and service. What choices would you be free to make if you stopped waiting for more clarity? How would your life flourish if you had a deep, trusting relationship with your Intuition?

These are the tools we work with in ‘Intuition for Decision Making’

If you feel called to step into this experience, together we’ll learn and practice the tools for making decisions based on our truth. Decisions that come from that place of love and service. Knowing how to discern for yourself how and when to make decisions with intuitive clarity isn’t something we’re taught as children. But we can learn these skills now and access these tools when we need them. Imagine how it would feel to know for yourself with any decision whether you need to truly wait for a fog to dissipate, or if waiting is just procrastination? I would love nothing more than to share these tools with you, because I know what a difference they make in every aspect of your life and work. By joining this experience now, you’ll have access to more of my individual support since I’m keeping the group extra-small this time around. If this sparks excitement about what’s possible for you, the details and registration are below in this email. Much Love and hope to see you there, Andrea

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