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About Andrea


I am intuitive and healer with a multidimensional approach.


I provide intuitive insight for your heart and soul. I help your spirit make sense of change and loss, to clear your energy field and deepen your connection to source.


We all crave to live life fully, to feel purposeful, to make a difference. Yet more than a journey, Life can feel like we are still in the airport waiting to take off.


I share guidance for those in-between times, when our past has shut the door but the new has yet to form.


I help you repair your emotional highways through the use of Flower Essences and Energy Healing. I support you as you heal the patterns, blocks and wounds from your past or from your family system… from the life stories of your ancestors that are etched in your emotional DNA.


I come from a lineage of healers and Family Constellators. I grew up exploring the familial and emotional ripples born from the hidden systemic energies that shape our lives. I am experienced in sensing these influences and facilitating a better alignment to restore vitality and flow.  


I learned to trust and grow my intuition to regain my path in life. I began conversing with my guides, tapping into wisdom that helps me navigate the uncertainties of life. I apprenticed under my mother’s tutelage about the healing qualities of flower essences and how they can bring our inner-turmoil back in balance.


I am a highly sensitive empath that shattered to pieces because of, well… LIFE… I am no stranger to grief and I’ve had my share of feeling cast out and lost.

Here are some of the most important lessons that shape how I work:



I am highly sensitive to group consciousness.


During high school I lived through a period of relentless bullying. The anger and the shame of feeling emotionally whipped on someone’s whim have been an integral part of my healing journey. It became a crash course on how group consciousness works and what and how it can shape us.


I can hold space for grief.

I faced the decaying health of my father, I grieved the loss of who he had been and who I had been when he was alive. I struggled with the ongoing heartache that is caring for someone, the added challenges and frustrations that come with living far away. I am no stranger to grief… to its thorns and its emptiness. I understand the work it calls us to do.


I am extremely resilient when it comes to the ache of not belonging.

Almost a decade ago, my path led me to leave my country of birth. I was excited and determined to start a new chapter. I was NOT prepared – or equipped – for the wound this un-rooting would inflict me with. It confronted me with a question of belonging, of reclaiming myself in a foreign environment, with rebuilding my life without my closest allies… It taught me about resourcing myself, re-villaging, and how to tend to the energetic wounds of replanting your roots in a different soil.

I am committed to my own healing


I’ve been through many rebirthings in my path and I know re-establishing yourself is a complex, draining voyage. It is an on-going journey.

Hence, I work with an energy healer, bodyworker, attend family constellations workshops regularly. I have a mentor and I’m always investing in my training. I show up to my own healing so I can fully show up to yours.

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Professional Designations:

  • In 2007 I got certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, by Doreen Virtue.

  • In 2008, I became certified in Integrated Energy Therapy.

  • In 2010, I traveled to the UK, where I trained with Dr. Robert Holden of the Happiness Institute, and received my Coaching for Success certification.

  • In 2012 I received my certification as a Bach Floral Therapist, where I work with vibrational remedies that harmonize previously imbalanced emotions.

  • In 2016 I became a certified Family Constellations Facilitator, I trained under the tutelage of Francesca Mason Boring, who teaches a culturally respectful & inclusive approach for healing our family system.

  • In 2020 I received my certification as a Life Coach by the Center for Applied Neuroscience in Toronto, Canada.

Through many workshops, I have guided folks to meet their guides, offered workshops in how to do readings as well as learning to use your intuition. I have also held workshops around Dream Interpretation and a hands-on introduction to energy healing, where I guided participants in activating the channels to heal energy. I’ve held workshops for creating sacred ceremonies where we explored how you can use ritual to get in-sync with your life and to connect with the divine.

Did you know? I have been named among the top 6 psychics in Vancouver. I'm honoured!

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