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Intuitive Readings

An Intuitive Reading is right for you if

You are facing a big decision. 


There’s a strong longing to finalize this decision, to move forward, and yet you know this will have a ripple effect on all aspects of your life. What’s the right path to take here, despite possible difficulties? 

You crave confirmation from Spirit that this is a genuine calling; that this longing is coming from your Truth; that you are not doing something silly.

You might need guidance before starting on a new journey, a sense of how to balance your conflicting needs, and still feel authentic. An Intuitive Reading brings the voice of Spirit to acknowledge what is causing hesitation and confirms what you are being called into. 

A reading can be the fuel to make
that courageous choice.

Perhaps you are feeling lost or stuck, like

something is ‘off’...

Feeling this way can be frustrating. You feel restless like “this isn’t it” —this isn’t the life you want— but you are also not sure what to do about it. You know some kind of change is needed but it’s not that simple. 

You might feel disconnected, confused, or like there is something blocking your path. 

You want to really understand what is going on and what steps to take. You are craving peace of mind, direction, and support.

A reading is a doorway to feeling more
grounded and aligned.


Perhaps you simply want to check in with Spirit.

You’ve been focusing on your soul’s growth for a while and you can see the difference it’s made already. Things are changing for the better and you are thrilled. 

You are committed to this new way of being. You are open to the messages of Spirit and what your guides have to say. For you, this session is an open invitation; it’s your way of showing up for Spirit so Spirit can show up for you.

You crave that delicious feeling of synchronicity that confirms your path. 

A reading can give you clarity, direction, and purpose. 

Receiving messages and guidance from your angels can allow you to regain focus, knowing what your soul’s priorities and desires are. This allows your mind to finally relax instead of looping around questions and worries.

Truly connecting with your soul and understanding its messages will grant you peace and expansion. 

When you understand what’s happening at a deeper level, you know what is and isn't being asked of you, this gives you the courage and determination to move forward.

You are ready.


Can you tell me my future?

If you are looking for someone to cast predictions, or tell you your future, you won’t find that here. I do not believe that we are scripted. I believe we have free-will and our choices rewrite the future. And therefore, predictive work becomes impossible.


My job is to empower you, to shed light on the resources that surround you, to highlight your soul’s journey, and weave it all together so you know what your next evolutionary step is. 


I won’t tell you who you are going to marry but I will be the voice of Spirit. I will connect with your angels, read the movement of your energy and use the wisdom of Tarot to open the door to your most authentic self.


If you’re ready, then I’m here to help you create a future you can look forward to.

What happens in an Intuitive Reading?

We’ll open our session by doing a short grounding. Then we will chat for a bit about whatever brings you in. I will then take a moment in silence to connect to Spirit and your guides as I focus on this, lay down my Tarot cards and receive messages. After this moment I will begin to share them with you. 

We can start with an overview or a specific topic, we usually have time to explore one or two areas. I will be checking in with you to see how these messages are landing. If anything needs clarification, or if we need to circle back to a topic so that you feel more empowered, I am always glad to do that. 

As the session draws to a close, we will make space to highlight important messages, and ensure that everything feels settled and you are ready to re-enter your day.


Thank for the beautiful way in which you hold space and bring a calm wisdom to the messages you are sharing, especially the more difficult pieces. Today I woke up with a sense of energy ‘clearing’ and more calm and faith.

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Anna P.

I've known and consulted Andrea for guidance since July, 2014. Andrea is uniquely talented in the accuracy of her abilities not to mention her calming and caring personality. Her spot on readings and guidance gives me peace, relief and clarity each time I consulted with her. Andrea's readings are so True, Genuine and Pure it will blow you away!

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Amanda Y.

I came to Andrea at a time in my life that I had to make a big decision. I was looking for clarity and Andrea was the perfect solution. Her ability to understand what you're feeling, read between the lines and find the root cause of stress is incredible.

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Thank you very very much for your warm and inspiring words. It was very enjoyable meeting with you and thank you for giving me great guidance to help me go through this tough period in my life. I came in with a broken heart and feeling lost and hopeless. But after having the reading with you, I felt so much relieved and hopeful. You certainly helped make things clearer and give me strength to heal my heart and to move forward. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. One thing I really appreciate from you is: you see me through your heart and you helped me with a problem that I have stuck with for years. Now I realize that sometimes letting it go is just another way of saying " I love you". So I feel more relieved, less weight on my shoulder.

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It is an enlightening experience to know Andrea. She has a very calming effect in the guiding role that she takes on with her clients. Her sincere insights and intuitive gifts are amazing. I feel very lucky that I have gotten to know Andrea and I look forward to continuing to work with her. She has certainly helped me with my journey and in her joyous manner, has helped me to put everything in perspective. She deserves Five Golden Angelic Stars for her work in assisting so many people in such a positive manner.

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