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Nature Constellations in Galiano Island

Nature Constellations is an innovative technique that can bring to light the root cause of long-standing dilemmas.

It heals these dilemmas by untangling the connections around them. We are all interconnected, whether it is to our familial community, to our neighbors or to the trees, animals, and landscape around us.

As we tap into a deeper knowledge, we can outline where the imbalance occurred, where love and vitality stopped flowing, causing a struggle to be born.


This approach is so profoundly interactive and experiential. It arises and evolves through the sensations, feelings and direct knowing of the participants – their internal awareness, their consciousness – and this is where the learning and transformation take place. Creating a holistic process that reaches the core issue quickly and effectively.

As we move into a time that calls for a deeper and more reciprocal relationship to Nature, we greatly benefit from entering into dialogue with her in all her manifestations.

Nature Constellations provide a unique door to dialogue, a way to clearly understand the voices, needs and contributions of all non-human communities. It has been helpful to beekeepers wanting to cooperate, rather than impose, hive-care options, To understand and resolve health issues for pets, forests, and ecosystems. To dialogue with the land towards land use questions, farming, ecological restoration and much more.


Constellations is an interactive technique that builds on the intuitive capacity of the participants as a group.

One by one, for the duration of the workshop, the participants will have the opportunity to set up a constellation for their personal issue. They then get to observe the work unfold, dynamics appear, shift and resolve in a safe and gentle way.

The other participants can also observe the process, gaining insight and releasing energetic blocks along the way. Family Constellations creates ripple effects that can free energetic blocks simply by witnessing the work in person.

“It was such a safe space and I learned so much from everyone’s constellations”

” After constellations, I felt lighter, more open”

“It was a pivotal experience”

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