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Card Reading 101

Foundations to Accurate Readings

Aug 20th 11am-5pm In-Person Class
A one-day practical dive into the art of doing card readings for yourself. Learn to reliably access your intuition and interpret the signs.

Most of us set up our GPS even before we turn on the ignition for our cars. We have long become frustrated with navigating traffic and enjoy the comfort of knowing this handy tool has scanned the best route ahead. That it will redirect us if we take a wrong turn.

Doesn't it make sense to have that in Life as well?... Yeah, I think so too.

That's why I started doing readings for myself. It's been almost 20 years. Now, not only do I offer powerful, readings for others with results that continue to move me, I know my Life would not be what it is now if I did not have access to this wonderful tool.

Life is complex enough. There's no need to navigate it alone, not when you have your Angels and Guides. Your Intuition and Soul are fully ready to offer guidance, support, and healing.

This class is for you if:

• You own a deck, maybe even pull a daily card but you feel you are only scratching the surface of its meaning.

• You want a reliable way to receive guidance for your relationships, career and life purpose.

• You are longing for a way to deepen your connection to the Divine.

• You've had some hit-and-miss with your intuition in the past and would like to feel more confident.

• You are in the early stages of your Spiritual journey. Perhaps a beginner or wanting an opportunity to refresh your reading skills.


What we will learn:

Of course, we will be diving into the building blocks of readings. We will focus on the use of Oracle decks, understanding the anatomy of a deck, strengths and limitations. The power and interpretation of layouts and how to string everything together so that its guidance feels like something you can work with.

Additionally, we will be working with your Intuition. Not only stimulating it so that it opens up further but also being intentional in healing it. Often, challenging times or those hit-and-miss experiences can leave us a bit bewildered and guarded when trusting our intuition. That's understandable and yet the more we can heal that the more we can open up to it. So, we'll give that a chance to happen, but always at your own pace.

There will also be tons of practice. I will teach you different ways to connect with the cards and their meaning, which will come in handy the next time a card you pulled seems elusive. We will have time for questions and I will personally be checking in to dive deeper into your readings. That is why I keep the group small, no way to offer that in a large group!

Woven through all this will be good Spiritual hygiene practices to keep your deck and your aura clear and vibrant.

What you will need:

An oracle deck, pen and paper. That's it. oh yeah, and snacks.

Other important things to know:

What if I don't own a deck? No problem, they are easy to get and there will even be an opportunity for me to help you select one.

This is a class for learning how to do readings for yourself. We will not delve into or practice readings for others. There are privacy and ethical considerations to that that are outside of the scope of this class.

This is not a Tarot class; we will be working with Oracle decks.

Can I bring my Tarot if I already know how to use it? Well, you could... but if you are already proficient in Tarot I wonder if you are truly a beginner? message me first to see if this is a good fit for you.


Your Guides are waiting to speak to you, are you ready?


Let's shuffle and get started

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