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Healing the Fork in the Road

There are moments in our lives that define us. When we look back and see the threshold that we crossed.

If luck was watching over us, we look back with pride, with awe perhaps, and commemorate the orchestra of events that came together in that moment: That party that you almost missed, where you met your spouse. That job that you almost didn’t apply for but turned out to be your passion. That coffee with a friend that changed you… These moments are magic.

Except when they are not. When we don’t feel like we crossed a threshold but more like we bombed a bridge…our own… and no matter how much time goes by we can hear the whispers of that moment playing in the back.

Maybe you fell in love with the wrong person or you took a left turn in your career. However it might have been for you, you know the moment I’m talking about.

Of course you do… just thinking about it makes you feel like there’s something stuck inside of you.

Yeah, that’s how strong they are.

I started reflecting about these moments when I came across the work of Leslie Nipps, a US-based Family Constellations facilitator who delivered a brilliant talk about how we can become entangled with our own past energy or, more specifically, with our own alternate-selves.

What if what holds us back, what ties us to those moments is not regret? What if it’s something beyond the grief or the rage for what we lost?

What if it is, in fact, that in that moment our soul literally split?

This would imply that this life that we are living is but one of many that are unfolding in this moment. That there is a parallel existence where our life is, indeed, different.

Under normal circumstances, each decision that we make splits the road ahead of us, shaping the reality that we wake up to every day. Yet, when a decision is particularly pow

erful, a loss too strong, it’s like we cannot let go of who we could have been. Literally.

These two entangled souls carry a resonance between them, so that when we imagine how that other life might have been… we might, in fact, be ‘feeling’ the energy emanating from that other life.

Now, do I KNOW that this is so? No, I don’t. Leslie Nipps considers this multiple universe just one possibility to explain the reality she encounters in her work time and time again… that when she follows the energy of her clients, it often leads back to themselves… only a different sort of self.

It could also be that this split happens on a mental level with such force that it manifests distinctively through our energy field or it could be something else entirely.

Thankfully, we don’t need to know the mechanics to feel the authenticity of this observation: When our life breaks, we do too.

So, if there are any moments that still haunt you, events that you feel should just not have happened…breathe in and invite some compassion into your heart. Consider that you are not crazy for feeling this. Greet that other life, greet that other you and ask for their blessings, ask

them to send you some of the love, the joy, the freedom that they get to enjoy so that you might find it in your own life.

Remember, these alternate souls become enmeshed only because they were once one and the same, so consider that they care about you and the life you are living, that

they want you to be well and will be glad to send light your way, even possibly send a message.

So open your heart to receive it. You might feel called to hold a ceremony to honor and release the entanglement. You might choose to heal the connection at an energetic level through a healing session… choose what feels right for you but honor it so that you might be fully present to the life that you do get to live.



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