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Freedom From The Past

This summer has surprised me with learning opportunities about my own healing and growth. I’ve attended two workshops that have expanded my capacity to communicate authentically and have reminded me of the sneaky ways that the past percolates into my present.

When I was a child, I lived in a tiny and conservative community. So it came as a shock to most of our neighbors when it became known that my father held some… let’s say… alternative

beliefs to Catholicism.

As a child, I did not understand all of that.

I DID understand that overnight the entire school would not speak to me. That they weren’t speaking to my brothers either.

It felt like being swallowed by an abyss.

And I hadn’t realized that I still carried that within me, that my fear of rejection was still sneakily calling the shots in how much I opened up to people. How much I can love them and be loved by them.

When I saw this, when I really got how I had projected my past into my future I became free to change it.

Free to release it.

Free to be myself.

This is the core of what healing is and what it gifts us. The ability to leave the past behind and to be open to a future that is not dictated by it.

But first, we have to see it.

Whether it is a childhood experience like mine or the energy of a loss that has remained un-griefed. Any event or energy from the past that hasn’t been acknowledged will seek to re-create itself over and over again in an attempt to be embraced.

Family Constellations can offer us a unique space to literally see this energy, to hear it (through the representatives) and to shift it. To create a new sense of freedom for ourselves and for the life ahead.

If you would like to participate in this healing experience, know that constellations can support us in enriching our relationships, understanding the emotional roots of health concerns, the energetic dynamics influencing our work or abundance and help us break through patterns that have established themselves in our lives.

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