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Building a Life that creates Purpose

I believe you have a purpose. You are a spark of divinity born with the urge to light up those around you, and to do it in a very unique way. The way only you can. and herein lies the crux doesn't it? To fulfill our purpose requires us to be able to channel our essence, but in order to do so, the channel must appear and must be available. I am sure you have experienced that magic in your life before: - Being at the right place at the right time for an unforgettable opportunity. - Being given the assignment that perfectly suits your skills and feeling yourself dazzle. - Finding something you are so intrigued by that it quickly becomes the thing you most yearn for. Many of the best things in my life have happened this way. I know I am not alone in this, and yet... and yet, there are times when synchronicity needs a bit of help... when the job offer in the field we love does not arrive; when our search for passion remains elusive and we wonder what our gifts are, or when loss, divorce, or illness arrive and we need to re-imagine our life. Big or small, life is full of these moments where things don't 'just align', where adjustments need to be made. Then what does this mean for our vision? for our purpose? Perhaps we can acknowledge that there's an intriguing question here: If we are placed in this Life with a purpose, then shouldn't it be possible to express it always? wouldn't Life's design allow for that? For me, that is like saying that a soccer field should accommodate all soccer moves. Well, yes of course, it goes without saying. That is what it is made for. Whether it is a camera-stopping moment of an impossible goal or an embarrassing faux-pas that will be replayed for longer than it is kind to do so. They all fit, they all belong. The field makes it possible to keep playing because that is what the game is. It is all the individual maneuvers that lead to something unexpected. So what if Purpose is like this too? What if Living our life purpose is less about chasing, or being in the right place at the right time... what if your Purpose was more like a coach? someone who knows your strengths - after all your purpose was placed within you by the divine who created you, so yeah it knows your gifts- and this coach could see you through every circumstance? - What if you could follow your purpose in times of career confusion? - What if you could express your purpose through your friendships and family? - What would it look like to use the life force of your purpose to enhance your achievements and success? - How can you learn the language of your purpose so that you can more easily follow it? What would it take to build a life as filled with purpose as an orange is ripe? A life so purposeful that it feels meaningful, juicy, no matter how it is sliced? This is a question I have had the privilege of exploring more than most, as I have been trusted with divine messages over countless readings, I have seen many souls design and redesign their lives, and I have seen the moment their eyes fill up with light regardless of circumstance. and this is the knowledge I want to share with you. These are the tools I am teaching in my upcoming PurposeFULL Living course. Are you curious? If this resonates please find more information below, registrations are now open and of course feel free to email me if you have any questions about it. Perhaps I will see you there? Andrea

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