Life Coaching

If you want to travel fast, travel alone. If you want to travel far, travel together- African Proverb



If you are here, your essence is guiding you towards something more. Whether this ‘more’ is crystal clear or just a knowing from deep within, you feel it nudging you forward.


As your coach, I am here to nourish that nudge, to be your travelling companion as you bridge this yearning into your life. As you create a life that honours your gifts, that feels purposeful and right.


I know this life is waiting for you, let’s take the first step.


Andrea is the kind of coach who will help you see where the framework of your thinking is weak, and provide the tools to reinforce positive thought processes instead of self-harming ones. Through my one-on-one sessions with her, I've discovered a new way of seeing myself and the life I've built for myself. I no longer believe it to be a structure that could tumble and fall apart when disaster strikes. I now see it as an organic entity, like a garden that I tend. Even if harsh weather blows through, the roots I've laid will remain and with care can blossom and bloom again. 

Her attentive listening and astute observations have guided me toward an illuminated path, saving me from focusing too closely on my fears and shadows.

Frequently asked questions

What is Soul Coaching?

I like to make parallels between coaching and hiking If you’re going for a hike, your coach makes sure you’re never walking alone, that you’re totally prepared, and that you’ve got a map for the way. You know that you won’t get lost, that you are shortening the distance to your goal. When we know we have someone with us, we feel braver. We’re more willing to explore, more confident in taking chances. And here is where the magic happens: coaching shifts the way we approach a situation, the tools we use and even how we handle setbacks. With these resources and support, we often travel faster but more importantly, we travel farther. A coach can carry some of your extra weight. You can go further and longer than before, because you have support. A journey that could otherwise feel long and tiring could end up being something memorable. If you knew you could count on this ‘hiking’ partner… What goal would you strive for? What dream would now feel within reach? Let’s achieve that together.

What can coaching help with?

Coaching excels at crafting clear, meaningful goals and achieving them in a way that makes you feel excited, not exhausted. As a coach, I can support you with: Life changes - Whether you are ready for a change or a change has been visited upon you let’s co-create your next step. Spirituality: Flourishing as an empath, developing your intuition, befriending your guides and bringing the sacred into everyday life. Relationships - Create a deeper connection with your partner, family or friends; move past emotional bruises and rebuild trust. Work - This is where many of us seek a sense of purpose. Coaching can help elevate your performance, be the leader you want to be and, set the course if it’s time for a change. Money - Transform your relationship with money from one of worry to one of wonder. Shift limiting beliefs, take actions that create abundance and have money feel like an ally in your life. Grief: How do we honour what we lost while staying open to Life? How do we grieve in a way that makes room for a new chapter to take shape? Mindfulness: overcoming anxiety, quieting that mean voice in your head. Cultivating awareness allows us to feel confident and joyful.

What can I expect from coaching?

You will feel the peace that comes with a deep understanding of yourself. Each session we will shine a light into your essence, who you truly are. This opens a door that allows you to love yourself in a whole new way. We will make space for your intuitive voice, outlining what your soul wants, what brings you joy and channelling that energy into action, creating a path towards your dreams. I have seen my clients look back at their journey in awe by how their work, relationships and life have transformed. Seen them moved by their courage, their creativity, and persistence. They stand in wonder that their lives are a full expression of who they are.

What is a Discovery Session?

Maybe you are intrigued about coaching and would like to dive further, then this is the session for you. It is an opportunity for us to meet, to expand on what you would like to get from our coaching sessions and what I bring to the table. We might sketch a few goals or ideas that excite you, we might answer questions about the coaching process. If you choose to work with me, this session will become the starting point of our journey.

What does a session look like?

A session usually starts with some reflection on what’s been going on in your life recently. If we’ve had a session before, then we talk about what’s happened between sessions. What’s been working and what needs a different approach. I’ll spend a good amount of time listening to you, and identifying some of the blockages or challenges you might be facing. We’ll reframe some of your thoughts, and help you feel supported. I love using guided meditations to help identify and reach for goals. If you love them too, we’ll probably hit it off. Wrap it up by discussing what commitments you’re willing to make and anything else that emerged for you during our conversation.

How often do we meet?

How often we meet is tailored to what you need. In general, I recommend meeting every two weeks at the beginning, as this is the most effective way to create and sustain momentum towards what you want. As continuous progress is made towards your goals, we might space out sessions to allow more depth. We will do as is needed every step of the way.

About rates and packages

After our discovery session, you can choose how often you would like us to meet. $150 per session, 3-session pack for 10% off (monthly sessions) 6-session pack for 15% off (bi-weekly sessions).