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Awakening your Clairs

Tools and techniques to unlock your body's intuition

Do you listen to your intuition but find yourself hesitating?

Would you like to feel confident distinguishing between intuition and anxiety?

Are you looking to take your intuition to the next level?

Then this course is for you!

Whether you are starting out or have been on this journey for a while, you are wanting to take things to the next level.

Perhaps you get 'gut feelings', have subtle insights that later prove to be so relevant and you wish you had understood it sooner. You might be wanting to slow things down, to be able to pick up those nuances not only in retrospect but right when you need them. If so, this is the class for you.

You might be interested in learning to use divination tools like tarot or pendulum. You may have heard of aura reading or automatic writing and would love to learn these crafts. Something crucial to know is that all intuitive tools and all techniques are there to amplify and focus your body's natural clairs. 

Hence, how fluent we become on any technique is connected to how expansively our clairs can perceive and relay information to us. How accurately we can perceive what they show us.

That is the work of this class, it’s all about foundations, a class to support you regardless of what your next goal is for your intuition. 

This class is for you if:

- You are beginning your intuitive development path or 

- You are more experienced but would like to review the foundation of somatic intuition (your body's voice) and the clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc.).

- You experience hit-and-miss a bit too often and would like to feel more confident.

- Have been working with your clairs for some time and would like tools to strengthen your non-dominant clairs.

- You have heard many different things about intuition, what it is and isn't, what it can do and would love to have a safe space to explore your questions.

- You would like to distinguish between ego and spirit messages, between anxiety and intuition.

In this class, we will alternate between exercises to awaken your clairs, hands-on techniques to continue your growth in the months after the class, as well as tuning in to your 'inner truth sense' the deepest voice of your soul.

We will practice receptivity so as to be fully open to the messages coming through, as well as to make space for healing. Yes, even our relationship with our intuition can get a little bruised from time to time, we'll talk about how to find those bruises and how to regain trust in our divine spark.


"Thank you so much for teaching this class it has been so informative and enjoyable"

"I have enjoyed everything about it and I am so excited to continue to work on developing the skills learned"

"This intuition workshop has taught me how to listen, know and trust"

"Your meditations help me before doing any intuition work, so that energy is clear and that there are no obstructions"

Are you ready?

Sat,March 18th 2023
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