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Intuuition for the New Year

Creating the year you want,
right from the start

If you would like to open the door to your intuitive self, allowing a co-creation of 2024, this is the space for you.

Release goals from the ego and

step into alignment with your soul.

Set the foundations that will create authenticity, purpose and flow for the rest of the year.

In this circle we will:

 - Bring closure to the old year and open our hearts to the gifts of 2024.

 - Connect with your Spirit Guide for the year ahead: giving you an opportunity to discover its 'blueprint'. This is one of the pieces that often people come back and share how useful it was!

- Discover your soul's feedback into your dreams for this year: Whether you have firm goals for this year or a broad sense of what you would enjoy this year, this process will uncover needed (but overlooked) steps, shuffle our priorities and overall create goals that give you that YES!

I will be your support you as uncover your inner-knowing and bring it to the surface. I will be your anchor as you translate insight into words.

Then, we'll identify what self-care practices to invite into the new year in order to maintain balance through the months ahead.


A blessing ceremony will close the session, inviting positive energy to carry along your journey.

You will love this class if:

- You enjoy guided visualizations and value having symbols and themes that you can interweave with your spiritual practices for the months ahead.


- You feel comfortable doing gentle somatic exercises to access and atune to your intuition. 

- Would value a safe space to release the energy of the past year, discover self-care practices and would feel replenished by the spark and playfulness of the group.


We will end with a blessing ceremony 
inviting positive energy to start you on  your journey

This class will be offered in-person.

Saturday January 20st 11am-230pm

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