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Intuition for Decision-Making

One-day deep dive into decision-making
with your intuition

You’ve already learned how to pull cards to gain insights into your life, to help you reflect, and notice shifts around you.


Maybe you even work with pendulums to gain clarity in your questions.


We turn to our intuition when facing complex situations where we want to gain deeper insights.


We seek to sift through the information at hand and sort our thoughts with this mindful practice.


If you struggle to pull practical help from the messages you’re receiving, and can’t seem to move forward with your decisions, this is the class for you.


We will spend the day asking practical questions of our cards, to learn how to decipher the messages in useful ways.


You will love this class if:


  • You want a reliable way to receive guidance for your relationships, career and life purpose.


  • You would like to leverage challenging times to fuel your spiritual growth.


  • You've had some hit-and-miss with your intuition in the past and would like to feel more confident.


  • ​You are longing for a way to deepen your connection to the Divine in practical ways.

What you will learn:


  • Establishing the framework of intuition-based decision-making.

  • We will explore the strengths and limitations of cards and pendulums so you know which tools you need at each turn.

  • We will also demystify your intuition; exploring why sometimes it’s clear and accurate, and other times it’s muddled.

  • We will learn to craft powerful questions and to remain centered even with the pressure that often comes with forks in the road.

  • Creating actionable steps using divinatory tools.


We will focus on using Oracle decks, understanding the anatomy of a deck, its strengths and limitations.


We will dive into the power and interpretation of layouts and how to string everything together so that its guidance feels like something you can apply in your life.


Gaining more specificity in a reading. We will also be exploring how to use pendulums and other tools in combination with the cards for even more clarity.


What to bring:

A positive attitude. An open heart. Low-stakes, practical life questions. A tarot or oracle deck of your choice. A pendulum.


Other things to know:
  • It's good if you are familiar with using cards, as we won't be covering the basics of card reading, but rather how to integrate them for decision-making. Perhaps you have a deck you love, or you have pulled some cards for yourself. No need to be an expert.

  • We will not be discussing how to read cards for others.

  • It will be a small, intimate group; be ready to share and expect to get some one-on-one time with me.

  • This isn’t the right space to be tackling huge life-changing decisions; if you’re looking for help with big things, consider booking a reading or coaching session with me.


Are you ready?

Sat, Oct 14 2023
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