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Intuitive Readings

Ever faced a big life decision and felt unsure about which way to go?


An intuitive reading allows you to:

  • Get accurate information and discover a new perspective.

  • Discover what your life purpose is and how to align your career with it.

  • Achieve confidence in your decisions and feel excited about the future.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your relationships.

  • Explore possibilities inside a safe and caring space.


What is an Intuitive Reading?

Experience the peace and grounding that accompanies a professional intuitive reading. This reading is for those who seek healing. Who are committed to integrating all parts of themselves and would like to achieve a sense of peace with present struggles.

It is a space to explore the stories that shaped us, events that we are struggling with and to uncover their energetic roots. Gaining awareness of energy blocks and ways to heal them, so you might be free to experience something different.


An efficient way to illuminate blind spots, making it easier to move forward with a deep sense of clarity. This process shares key elements with different therapeutic approaches such as Transitional Analysis, Family Constellations, and Jung’s Active Imagination technique.

An intuitive session is a space to navigate your own psychic gifts; opening a gateway to your soul. Weave a connection to your guides and channel their guidance. Experience the joy of downloading a message, receiving healing and uncovering the support of the unseen realms.


How do I know if a reading is for me?

If you’re a new client, this might be a way to start working together. It allows us to spend time getting to know each other better, but also connecting with your energy, blockages, and identifying next steps. 


Can you tell me my future?

If you are looking for someone to cast predictions, or tell you your future, you won’t find that here. I do not believe that we are scripted. I believe we have free-will and our choices rewrite the future. And therefore, predictive work becomes impossible.


My job is to empower you, to shed light on the resources that surround you, to highlight your soul’s journey, and weave it all together so you know what your next evolutionary step is. 


I won’t tell you who you are going to marry but I will be the voice of Spirit. I will connect with your angels, read the movement of your energy and use the wisdom of Tarot to open the door to your most authentic self.


If you’re ready, then I’m here to help you create a future you can look forward to.


Thank for the beautiful way in which you hold space and bring a calm wisdom to the messages you are sharing, especially the more difficult pieces. Today I woke up with a sense of energy ‘clearing’ and more calm and faith.

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Anna P.

I've known and consulted Andrea for guidance since July, 2014. Andrea is uniquely talented in the accuracy of her abilities not to mention her calming and caring personality. Her spot on readings and guidance gives me peace, relief and clarity each time I consulted with her. Andrea's readings are so True, Genuine and Pure it will blow you away!

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Amanda Y.

I came to Andrea at a time in my life that I had to make a big decision. I was looking for clarity and Andrea was the perfect solution. Her ability to understand what you're feeling, read between the lines and find the root cause of stress is incredible.

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Thank you very very much for your warm and inspiring words. It was very enjoyable meeting with you and thank you for giving me great guidance to help me go through this tough period in my life. I came in with a broken heart and feeling lost and hopeless. But after having the reading with you, I felt so much relieved and hopeful. You certainly helped make things clearer and give me strength to heal my heart and to move forward. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. One thing I really appreciate from you is: you see me through your heart and you helped me with a problem that I have stuck with for years. Now I realize that sometimes letting it go is just another way of saying " I love you". So I feel more relieved, less weight on my shoulder.

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It is an enlightening experience to know Andrea. She has a very calming effect in the guiding role that she takes on with her clients. Her sincere insights and intuitive gifts are amazing. I feel very lucky that I have gotten to know Andrea and I look forward to continuing to work with her. She has certainly helped me with my journey and in her joyous manner, has helped me to put everything in perspective. She deserves Five Golden Angelic Stars for her work in assisting so many people in such a positive manner.

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