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An intuitive reading creates the clarity you need to move forward. Energy healing detoxes your system and restores your natural flow.

You might be grappling with a decision or experienced a recent turn of events. Perhaps you feel ready to take things to the next level. An intuitive reading gives you the confidence to move forward.

Maybe what’s on your mind is not what’s happening but how you are feeling. Change is draining. Whether you are launching a new project or in between jobs, starting a relationship or coming out of one… You will need the energy to bring your a-game. That’s what an Energy Healing can do for you.


Family Constellations Circle

Abstract Watercolor Drawing




Andrea provides intuitive insight for your heart and soul. She helps your spirit make sense of change and loss, clears your energy field, and deepens your connection to source.


"I share guidance for those in-between times, when our past has shut the door but the new has yet to form."



I come from a lineage of healers and Family Constellators. I grew up exploring the familial and emotional ripples born from the hidden systemic energies that shape our lives. I am experienced in sensing these influences and facilitating a better alignment to restore vitality and flow.  

Here are some of the themes that shape my work:


I hold space for grief,

I am highly sensitive to group consciousness,

I understand the ache of not belonging,


I am committed to my own healing.

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