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Family Constellations is an innovative technique that can quickly bring to light the root cause of struggles in relationships, finances, recurring patterns and even tensions within family members.

This experiential approach creates a shift in perspective, healing our issue at different levels: words and healing phrases, intuitive knowledge, body movement, and emotions. This creates a holistic healing process which allows the work to reach the core issue quickly and effectively.

Developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, Family Constellations illustrates the energetic impact from experiences in our family of origin, place of work and life events that can create palpable, yet elusive, blocks in our lives. We get stuck in repetitive scripts: Maybe we meet partners that disappear when it’s time to commit, we constantly get passed over for that well-earned promotion or we struggle with a feeling of constant anxiety.

Constellations can support you in:

  • Healing conflicts in your relationships (with your partner, family or friends).

  • Achieving the success you want in your career.

  • Resolving any lingering trauma that is keeping you from living your life fully.

  • Experiencing true intimacy in your relationships.

  • Gaining insight into different career options, money struggles, and life transitions.


Family Constellations can be done in the privacy of a one-on-one session. They combine the intuitive capacity of the facilitator and the seeker. Using different tools to represent, visualize and connect to each segment of the issue. As the constellation is set up you can observe dynamics unfold, shift and resolve in a safe and gentle way. 


Andrea is the kind of coach who will help you see where the framework of your thinking is weak, and provide the tools to reinforce positive thought processes instead of self-harming ones. Through my one-on-one sessions with her, I've discovered a new way of seeing myself and the life I've built for myself. I no longer believe it to be a structure that could tumble and fall apart when disaster strikes. I now see it as an organic entity, like a garden that I tend. Even if harsh weather blows through, the roots I've laid will remain and with care can blossom and bloom again. 

Her attentive listening and astute observations have guided me toward an illuminated path, saving me from focusing too closely on my fears and shadows.

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