Intuitive Planning for 2022

Creating the year you want, right from the start

If you would like to open the door to your intuitive self, allowing a co-creation of 2022, this is the space for you.


We will release any goals from the ego and, 

Create goals that come from your soul


We will connect with your Spirit Guide for the year ahead that will accompany you every step of the way.


I will hold the space in a way that invites your inner-knowing to come to the surface, to support you as you translate this insight into words. I will be your base as you release any resistance you might uncover.


We will tap into your body to discover which projects are aligned with your purpose and which ones can wait.


Finally, we will create rituals that bring closure around the old year and open our hearts to the gifts of 2022.

This class will be offered both in-person and through Zoom.


The Zoom version will be recorded and available for download, so if you are unable to join us live you can access the material at a later time.

January 22
January 23