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Gaining the Freedom to Love

Heal the hidden promises that block the energy of Love

What if there's something that keeps love at bay in our lives?

What if we could release what ties us to the past so our heart has more space for Love?

What if we could open the door to Love?

Perhaps you have felt like there's an invisible barrier in your relationships, something that keeps love from finding you. Something that makes it hard to keep it when it does come.


Maybe you are currently in a relationship and yet it feels distant or elusive. There's a connection between you and yet you feel there's a next level available but something is holding you back.


If this resonates with you, then you are likely dealing with hidden love promises.

Promises made by the soul can happen in an instant, often unconsciously, and they can last for decades actively diverting the energy of love. Protecting the spark that was present when the vow was made.

It's like paying a monthly mortgage for a house you no longer live in and can no longer access. It weakens new and existing relationships, making it harder for love to flourish.

As we do the work of identifying and releasing these promises we expand our capacity for love of all kinds.

In this workshop we will be exploring:

- Promises made to our Mother and Father.

- Promises made to former partners.

- Promises made to ourselves.

Finally, we will create a ritual that brings your heart back to this moment, that invites love into the depths of your heart and life.

Will you join us?

February 18th, 11am
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